what is dumbriyani?

Dumbriyani is an Indian dish. People say it’s from the South of India, some say North, some say it originated from Turkey and from the Middle East. I say it’s just briyani. Rice, covering a hidden spicy leg of lamb or chicken.


The thing is, dumbriyani is just a name I decided to put on so that I could write reviews and opinions and shit without actually being judged by the person I am, the job I worked or the people I know. From my perspective, I get to hear things on the ground here in Singapore, in our tiny Arts Scene. Being of a mixed heritage, I understand a multitude of languages, allowing me to slip in and out of different films, theatre productions and of course dance. But the thing is, I was sick of being dishonest when asked for opinions or reviews. And I decided, why not let it all out on the internet.


I know, I almost wanted to name this space, Honest-Tea. But honestly, dumbriyani is spicier.



  1. Hi,

    I’m writing on behalf of ArtsEquator. We’re wondering if you’d be interested to write for us about theatre? If you’d like, please drop us an email at contact[at]artsequator[.]com so we can discuss! We’d love to have your voice on the site.

    Thank you!


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